Shivani Vora

Lifestyle journalist. Beats include travel, real-estate, art, food, trends, design and more.

Lifestyle and travel writer Shivani Vora considers herself lucky to live in her favorite place in the world: New York City. While Manhattan’s Upper East Side is home, she’s constantly venturing off to a new part of the world. Her recent exploits include camping with the Masaai, in Tanzania; gorilla trekking, in Rwanda; hiking on the Assynt Coast, in Scotland; and exploring Cambodia’s new Riviera.  Then, there are her yearly trips to her birthplace of India where the adventures are too innumerable to mention.

She always had the instinct for exploration, but her passion for scoping out new destinations and rediscovering old ones was fueled while she was the travel writer at Forbes.com.

She is a now regular contributor to prolific publications such as the New York Times, CNN.com, Elle Decor, Travel + Leisure, The Washington Post, Luxury Magazine, Celebrated Living and more.

When she’s not in front of her computer or on the road, she’s either full of guilt about not spending enough time with her two daughters or feeling like the world’s greatest mother for having managed to balance it all…at least for that week.